Thermography is a relatively low-priced method, as it does not assume removing of barriers or dismounting of equipment.
"Thermography gives a complete description of the thermal resistance for the whole building. The images produced by themography enable us "to see" the heat flux through walls, doors, foundation, etc. Hence it will be possible to make up the optimal design for the insulation.
In addition to the thermal resistance, it is possible to assess technical systems The camera can "see" overheated fuses, switches and other electrical connections, and enable to discover clogging in tubing of central heating or even in water pipelines.

Thermography is recommended as for designing the heat insulation for the elder house, as for estimating the heat dissipation. It is not possible to hide carelessly installed infilling or badly sealed joints from the camera.

In addition to estimating the condition of the building, thermography can also be used for assessing the state of the machinery. For example, it is possible to estimate the condition of the motor bearings. (the bearings which are worn or not oiled, produce more heat than the ones without fault). Thermogaphy can be applied as for estimating the condition of heating chambers, chimneys, and boiler equipment, as for measuring the liquid surface level in the reservoirs.


Brief information about Therma CAM E45 (PDF document)

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