Blown wools

Old houses, as well as the new ones, need thermal insulating with modern infilling materials.

Considering the current heating prices, carelessly insulated ceilings can dissipate hundreds of kroons daily. Installation of the 20-30 cm thick extra insulation infilling could save approximately 80 kWh / m2 annually. Due to energy savings, the money spent for the extra insulation will be earned back in two-three years.
The insulating layer is installed with a special blower, which enables to pump it to the height of 40 meters and to the distance of 160 meters through a hose. The mean productivity of the blower is 30 m3 per hour. The work is carried out by two persons. We recommend 30-40 cm as the average thickness for the blown wool infilling.

The more detailed information on different blown wools and their prices can be found on our home page.
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