Thermography is using of infrared (IR) cameras (or thermovisors) to acquire thermal images of various objects and to measure their temperatures. There is nothing new in detecting the IR radiation with special cameras. For a long time already, the IR cameras have been used for rescue operation, military purposes, and also used for various technical purposes.
The thermographic IR cameras are able to measure the temperatures of objects or certain parts of them with great accuracy from the distance, differently from IR cameras of previous generation, which measured only the average temperature. All this gives a good opportunity for professionals who already have learned to handle the camera, to estimate the condition of the investigated object adequately.

In our thermogaphic measurements we use the camera Therma CAM tm E45 produced by Flir Systems.

For data processing, the Therma CAM tm QuickView software is used.



Brief information about Therma CAM E45 (PDF document)

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